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Like so many reliable tools that have come before it, the Presto 12 Commercial Meat Slicer (PS-12) is belt driven. Turn it on and the 12 blade whirrs to life, ready to slice meats at a steady 300 RPM. Different thicknesses are no issue for this slicer; its adjustable slicing knob makes for a very adaptable machine in the hands of any user. A built-in sharpener ensures that the blade always cuts true, and a ring-guard helps protect hands and fingers. As the carriage carries meats to and from the blade, permanently-lubricated ball bearings allow for incredibly quiet operation and a smooth, easy action. Additionally, the carriage is removable, allowing for stress-free maintenance and upkeep, and the machine is manufactured in anodized aluminum, making it corrosion resistant against salts and acids. Smooth action:Lubricated ball bearings provide for easy carriage motion and operation Corrosion resistant:Anodized aluminum construction stands resistant against corrosion by salts or acid Sharp:A built-in sharpener stands ready to keep the slicer cutting in optimal operation

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