LG V10 Dual-SIM H961N (Unlocked, 64GB, Space Black)

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What we like about the LG V10: 24/7 Always-on Second Screen Dual Front Cameras for Selfie and Groufie Dura Skin and Dura Guard for distinctive durability Natural design of a premium smartphone has arrived. Integrated with Dura Skin, the shiny stainless steel 316L frame, commonly used in luxury watches for years, provides a unique look and superior protection against dings and breaks. The amazing true-to-life images and authentic rich colors produced by the IPS Quantum Display highlights the final touch to this master piece. The LG V10 brings an unmatched experience and visual satisfaction. Whether the main screen is on or off, the second screen keeps you up-to-date. When the main screen is off, it becomes your 24/7 billboard for basic information such as weather, date, time, and battery life, or for your personal signature to authenticate ownership. Swiping it allows immediate access to Quick Tools, an easy shortcut panel to Silent Mode, Wi-Fi, flash, and camera. When you turn on the main screen, it becomes a multitasking panel to quickly switch between recent apps, favorite contacts, music player and upcoming events. Be adventurous and start recording while on the move. With the existing OIS camera and the new image processor, the LG V10 records images with more fluid motions allowing videos playback without motion blurs. Create professional videos without the shakes. Direct stories like an auteur and shoot like a pro. With Manual Video Mode, you can bring your imagination to life through film. Now you can master film in real time and do cool functions like color correction and manage picture quality. Be the cinematographer of your life and capture only your best memories.

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LG ROCKS! I ordered this unlocked cell phones and I'm very satisfied.