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Cottony soft sheet masks treat skin to ultra-nourishing swiftlet's nest and coralline extracts - natural ingredients that aid in invigorating a dull and stressed complexion. Hydrolyzed soybean and rice protein extracts then provide complete hydration to keep skin beautifully moisturized with improved elasticity. Recommended for dry and rough skin. This ultra-silky hydrating fabric is made with Tencel fabric woven with Spunlace to create an ultra-thin structure that holds water and maximal essential fluids. It improves the skin s absorption of essence from the mask and enhances nourishment to achieve a refined skin tone. This sheet mask material is free of chemical additives and is biodegradable. It is non-irritating to the skin and is environmentally friendly. Contain Cosphingo x Aquaroad, the perfect combination for continuous hydration and delivering effective premium moisture replenishing factors. Water molecules saturate rough and dry skin to restore moisture from the inside while ensuring that the deep layers of skin maintain nourishment. It helps restore, retain, and lock-in moisture, allowing the skin to appear soft and healthy. A skin-illuminating and whitening element found in supreme bird's nests, contains nourishing Amino acids, Collagen and trace elements that instantly restore a hydrated and radiant appearance. This mask is formulated with herbal skin-nourishing extracts including Centella asiatica and palm-like Seaweed along with the double-acting moisturizing ingredients Cosphingo X Aquaroad to create a bright and flawless skin tone. Hydrolyzed soy, Rice protein extract and Licorice essence provide intense hydration to deep layers of the skin to relieve dry skin while improving skin defense, elasticity and clarity. They also soothe irritations caused by dryness and tighten the pores. Infused with highly effective essence from numerous types of Algae, the mask provides op

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I switched to My Beauty Diary because I buy quality things. I will never go to any other again. Best treatments & masks I have ever owned!!!!